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Experience the Power of Flowers!

You want a flower arrangement that "wows," not an ordinary design that looks like every other bouquet you can find online. I create one-of-a-kind arrangements that say everything you want to – and more.

Hi, I’m Kathy Goering, your hometown florist!

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Do I have flower power? You could say that! I definitely have a lifelong passion for flowers. Providing my neighbors and friends in Hillsboro, Kansas, with unforgettable flower arrangements is an absolute joy.

Even as a child I loved flowers. So it was a natural step for me to take floral design classes and then open my shop, Kathy's Floral Designs (the only dedicated flower shop in Hillsboro!).

As a florist, I have a front row seat to some pretty big moments – new babies, milestone anniversaries, job promotions, graduations. I even have the honor of helping grieving families choose flowers to celebrate a life well lived.

These moments are special so any old flower bouquet simply won’t do. My one-of-a-kind arrangements are filled with fresh, long-lasting flowers that express what words just can’t.

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I not only design and create the flower arrangements, but I deliver them too. (On a busy holiday, my parents help out. Thanks, Mom and Dad!). What a treat to see customer reactions when I show up at their home or office with a gorgeous bouquet.

Everyone’s happy to see the florist! We’re right up there with the person who brings
doughnuts into the office on a Friday. Who’s turning that down?

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I delivered flowers to an 89-year-old woman for her birthday, and she thanked me with fresh-baked cookies.

It’s a pretty great job.

So, when you need one-of-a-kind flower arrangements for special days and every days, I’m here to help!

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At home, you’ll find me tending to my happy zinnias and petunias – and playing with my dog.

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